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The word “Anada” in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism means “the purpose of being” or “extreme happiness.” This is what we intend to emulate at “The Anada,” a place where each individual is welcomed to explore and pursue their own inner truth or “true north.”

The Anada was an idea of mine at a very young age and manifested to this point as every step in my journey propelled me towards creating a holistic camp for children and adolescents. This is not just a summer camp but a place where each person involved is allowed to thrive learning new concepts through play and develop self-awareness though relationships. A major component of The Anada is therapy or counseling. Each child entering The Anada will be required to complete an intricate history incorporating all aspects of their ecology. This assessment will allow us to meet the child at their needs and address any presenting issue that may inhibit their ability to function exponentially.  This may include but is not limited to social skills, coping skills, self esteem, and their overall behavioral health. Each camper will be part of a small group that is lead by a camp counselor who will assist each camper in various activities that promote personal growth and group work.

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